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Techblocks from Techpoint

Expert IT Support with flexible service levels and guaranteed response times. From as little as £13.75 an incident. Certified Technical Engineers are always on hand to help over the phone

No annual contract – you buy pre-paid ‘blocks’ of IT support time which we hold on account for you.  You redeem these Techblocks whenever you need IT support.

What Techblocks cover, how they work
and why you should use them?
What does Techblocks IT Support Time cover; what’s not covered?

Techblocks cover a wide range of IT and IP telephony including:

·          Hardware Maintenance
·          Anti Virus Monitoring Systems & Services
·          Windows Updates and Service Packs
·          Remote Access
·          E-Mail, Business Systems & VPN
·          IP Networks
·          Data Cabling & WAN Connectivity
·          System Migration & Upgrades
·          Disaster Recovery
·          CCTV Systems installed by Techpoint
·          ADSL, SDSL, Private Circuit, MPLS, ISDN, PSTN

The Techblocks service does not cover the procurement of new hardware or software; fixed-price
project work; non Intel-based computers; non-core Microsoft computers and third party applications.

How does Techblocks IT Support Time work?

Step 1 You buy a quantity of Techblocks pre-paid IT Support time which we debit in your dedicated Techblock Account (minimum credit 1 hour of time).

Step 2 Whenever you need expert IT support, you contact our Help Desk, describe your problem and tell us how urgently you need us to respond.

Step 3 Our engineer starts work within your requested response time to resolve your problem.

Step 4 We deduct the relevant number of Techblocks from your Techblock Account.

Why use Techblocks IT Support Time from Techpoint?

Priority IT Support
People whom have purchased Techblocks will receive priority support; you are guaranteed a response from an engineer within 30 minutes.

A Help Desk with real people
When you call the Techblocks Help Desk your call will be answered in person. You’ll never have to “press1 for this department or 2 for that.” You’ll be helped by a real person every time.*
*During out of hours your call may be redirected to a service engineer which may go to voice mail initially however he/she will return your call within 30 minutes.

Outstanding customer support
When you call, the informed Techblocks response team will manage your incident and keep you informed at all times on the progress of your case.

Direct access to engineers
In emergencies you sometimes need to speak directly to your engineer – the Help Desk just won’t do. If that’s the case, we can patch you through.

System Audits and advice
When you buy your first Techblocks we can provide an initial audit of your computer system. Where appropriate, we will offer recommendations which could improve its efficiency.

Key features of the Techblocks IT Support Time service:

·          You only pay for what you use
·          You pay NOTHING when your IT is working
·          We support you on an incident-by-incident basis in the most cost-effective way: either via remote access technology or by attending your home if necessary
·          15 minute billing for telephone and remote access support
·          Techblocks never expire
Ordering Techblocks and enjoying the benefits of IT support is simple

If you are already convinced that Techblocks makes sense, you can open a Techblock Account and buy your first Techblocks immediately:

Call:     01926 735940

Simply specify the number of Techblocks you wish to buy (minimum credit 1 hour of time): we’ll send you an email confirming your order, once payment has been received you can start using your time immediately.